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Emotional Freedom Technique - An Adjunct That Can Help Your Practice - Article donated by Roseanna Ellis of Well Again, LLC

Dr. Bindell has had personal experience with Emotional Freedom Technique in his practice. The following article was donated by Roseanna Ellis. It is provided only for your information. If you have questions about EFT, please contact Roseanna Ellis at the phone number or email address in the article.

Dealing with Chronic Pain
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Practitioners are currently experiencing an increase in chronic pain in epidemic proportions. Often these chronic issues though real and genuinely painful, show no anatomic or “physical” findings upon physical examination and diagnostic testing. When Western medicine fails to relieve chronic pain, science turns special attention to the most important weapon that has the ability to heal, or destroy, the body… “The Mind”

Perceptions and attitudes shape our reality, what and how we think has a major impact on our physical and mental health. Stress, for instance, compromises the immune system which leads to illness and disease. By helping our patients eliminate their stress and anxiety, we can change the outcome of their recovery at the cellular level.

Pain causes stress and anxiety. When it becomes chronic the body becomes locked in a hyperactive state of sympathetic innervations causing exaggerated sharp painful responses. When out of control reflexes are on a perpetual red alert, they lead the brain to misinterpret even the most minor stimuli as painful -- causing the patient more stress and thereby creating a vicious never-ending cycle.

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT developed by Gary Craig is a powerful revolutionary healing tool in the relief of chronic pain, anxiety, stress. Yet this technique, is very simple to learn and implement, and shows extremely fast results. EFT energy technique works by balancing the meridian system. Electric currents run through the body sending messages to the brain to control all bodily functions. Negative emotions disrupt or block the current -- interfering with healing. Unlike acupuncture which uses needles, EFT uses the tips if your fingers on targeted acupuncture points while the patient focuses on the source of their stress. Watch in amazement as the pain intensity decreases and their stress or anxiety becomes neutralized. Using EFT with my patients has dramatically changed my practice with about an 85% success rate.

To learn how to implement EFT into your practice, please attend my workshop, or allow me to host a workshop in your area. Change the way you treat your patients forever with remarkable results. This technique is very effective with Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, and back pain.

Consider teaching your therapists to use this method also. For further information on EFT and to view a short video on testimonials, visit For a workshop on EFT contact Roseanna at 732-500-4502

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